One of the hottest topics we discussed this weekend was the announcement that the three licensing agencies will be re-adopting their emergency regulations.  We strongly encourage you to start putting together your public comments now. This is your opportunity to make your voice heard, expressing what is working and what is not working.

We are happy to see that the agencies have decided to allow operators to conduct business with licensees regardless of any adult use or medicinal designation and that many of the loomings questions and issues are being clarified, such as requirements for testing laboratories, allowing distributors to re-label products to conform to actual testing results, increasing the value of product retail delivery drivers may transport each run to $10,000.00, additional environmentally conscious requirements for temporary cultivation licenses and allowances made for small amounts of alcohol to be included in tinctures or concentrates taken sublingually.

Visit our laws and regulations page to find the fact sheets and full sets of the regulations