While some cities are taking their time, others are capitalizing on their ability to monopolize the market in certain areas.  Last week, we featured Santa Ana and applaud the City Council for recognizing that they have an enormous opportunity to become the hot bed of the OC for all commercial cannabis activity.  Long Beach seems to be following suit.

The Long Beach Planning Commission held a study session on May 3, 2108, announcing that the Planning Commission will be recommending that the City Council adopt revised ordinances under Title 5 (Business Regulations) and Title 21 (Zoning Regulations) to allow for adult-use commercial cannabis activities within the City of Long Beach.  The amendments will address administrative provisions, enforcement and penalties, signage and operational matters.

The Planning Commission will be recommending amendments to the land use tables to indicate whether the use is allowed, for example allowing retail cannabis businesses to be allowed in commercial zones to treat these businesses the same as other commercial businesses.   Wow!  What a concept!

The goal is to allow operators looking to enter the Long Beach market to actually plan by giving clear guidance on zoning.

In spite of Prop 64’s broad support, the Long Beach City Council previously adopted an emergency ordinance implementing a moratorium on all adult-use commercial cannabis activity in Long Beach for 180 days effective December 17, 2017, which means the moratorium will expire on June 17, 2018.  The City Council will consider whether to adopt the ordinances proposed by the Planning Commission at the June 12, 2018 meeting, just before the moratorium expires.

Before the moratorium, the City Council previously asked the Planning Commission to draft regulations for adult-use activities, which were ultimately rejected by the City Council in favor of the ban.  Long Beach needs all of our support to make sure that the adult -use market continues to grow and expand, providing increased opportunity for industry stakeholders.

Public Comment received from Gold Flora’s owners praised Long Beach’s current medicinal cannabis regulations, saying the regulations are working well.  Members of the community applauded the community liaison program, indicating that there are virtually none of the same problems we typically see connected with bars and liquor stores at cannabis dispensaries within the City.