Allow the Board of Supervisors to Consider Commercial Cannabis Activity in Unincorporated Los Angeles this Morning

On June 19, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors received and filed a Report and Analysis on Options to Implement a Policy Framework to Regulate Commercial Cannabis Activities.  In addition to this report received from the Los Angeles County Advisory Working Group on Cannabis Regulation, the Board heard over 100 public comments on this important issue.  While most people were strongly in favor of regulating commercial cannabis activities within the unincorporated parts of Los Angeles County, the ignorance of some people never ceases to amaze us.  There were several individuals concerned with overdosing and death, impaired driving, addition and increased crime.  One young woman even advocated for increasing the buffer zones to include buffers around college campuses (LOL).

The Board will be considering three (3) different options:

  1. Allow for all types of commercial cannabis activities, relying on a newly formed cannabis commission, health impact assessments, placing a 2 year cap on activities (25 each for delivery and store front, 10 each fro cultivation, manufacturing, distribution and testing), establish zoning restrictions, consideration of a social equity component, establishing an advisory review panel and implementing a business licensing structure.
  2. Allow only some types of commercial cannabis activity.
  3. Complete prohibition.

You can get more details in the full report submitted to the Board here.

The meeting closed out with an acknowledgment by the Board that there was overwhelming support for Option 1 – allowing all types of commercial cannabis activities in unincorporated Los Angeles County.