It is with a heavy heart we make the announcement we have seen coming these past few months.  CBD derived from industrial hemp is now effectively banned in the state of California.  While CBD derived from “cannabis” lawfully cultivated under MAUCRSA by licensed cultivators may be added to foods and sold in dispensaries, CBD derived from industrial hemp, regardless of its source, cannot.  It is ironic and insane that overnight on January 1, 2018, California said it is totally fine to get high, but not ok to use CBD for wellness.   Click here for the FAQ from the California Department of Public Health on hemp derived CBD, at least with regard to food, ingredients in food products and dietary supplements (which included botanicals generally).    If patients want access to CBD, in California they will need to purchase it from a licensed dispensary and the CBD will be cannabis derived (i.e. from the most expensive weed on the planet). While the rest of the country moves forward, advancing the CBD and hemp movement, California is taking an enormous step backward.  In our opinion, this is horrible, ridiculous and nonsensical public policy.  This decision will undoubtedly harm small businesses, families and patients across California.