This last week Dana Cisneros, Esq. of the Cannabis Corporate Law Firm attended the NCIA’s annual Seed to Sale Show in Denver, CO. We were joined by cannabis industry leaders and pioneers to network and learn together. There were some amazing exhibitors and speakers that debuted their cutting-edge technology and showcased their industry knowledge and expertise. The NCIA also gave updates on their efforts to help the industry move forward in a positive and fully compliant way. Aaron Smith of the NCIA urged the industry and the community to continue pushing forward because together, we can make a difference. Over the last few months, the NICA has ramped up its efforts growing its staff by 68% and has the largest presence on capitol hill and in the Senate making our voices heard for the cannabis industry.

The overall take away from the conference was that to succeed on a local and national level we all need to work together, be supportive of each other and work with our local communities. We need to have each other’s backs and have the back of our community so that if the federal government continues their tirade on the cannabis industry, our communities will stand up for us and fight for legalization or at the minimum decriminalization.

Speaker Tony Magee from Lagunitas Brewing Company brought his charisma, inspiration and 20+ years of expertise to Seed to Sale Show.  He urged the audience to truly embrace their customers, their adorers, and to bring them into their family – to build a brand to tell your company’s story, and to create unique, memorable experiences for your customers.

Mr. Magee was not alone though:  Adrian Sedlin of Canndescent was truly inspirational; attorney Lauren Rudick, whose firm is representing plaintiffs in New York Federal Court against Jeff Sessions challenging the constitutionality of listing cannabis as a Schedule I narcotic was there to share her insights as well; we even had the opportunity to meet up with Kary Radestock of Hippo packaging, who will also be speaking at the Emerald Shark Expo and Workshop with Ms. Cisneros on February 26, 2018.

All in all we were delighted to see that our mission is aligned with other industry giants in promoting education and guidance along the path of legal cannabis opportunities based on a well-regulated, compliant, community-driven legal framework involvement is at the core of what other industry professionals are doing to promote the legalization and acceptance of the Cannabis Industry.

On a personal note, Dana Cisneros brought her husband and son with her to Denver, because above all, she is devoted to her family.  They all had a great time as you can see.

We had a great time at the conference, meeting new people and connecting with familiar faces as well.   If we missed you, let’s make sure to connect soon.

If you are interested in bringing your cannabis business into legal compliance, from licensing through continued compliance, contact The Cannabis Corporate Law Firm. We also represent investors and those looking to form strategic alliances in the cannabis industry.