The City of Los Angeles began accepting applications for Prop M priority applicants.

This will open the path to local and state licensure for those qualified dispensaries. Under LA’s Municipal Code Sec. 104.007, a Prop M priority applicant is a retail dispensary who, as of January 1, 2018, meets all of Proposition D requirements. In order to qualify for Proposition M Priority Processing an applicant must be an existing medical marijuana dispensary that is in compliance with all restrictions of Proposition D, including, but not limited to, either possessing a 2017 L050 Business Tax Registration Certificate (BTRC) and current with all City-owed business taxes, or received a BTRC in 2007, registered with the City Clerk by November 13, 2007 (in accordance with the requirements under Interim Control Ordinance 179027), received a L050 BTRC in 2016 or 2016 and submits payment for all City-owed business taxes before the License application is deemed complete. In making its determination, DCR shall consider whether the Applicant cured any non-substantive administrative violations in C through F, and M under LAMC Section (compliance related to business registration, continuous operations, payment of taxes and display of live scan results).